Shawn Chesney Home Inspection Testimonials



Thanks so much for carrying out the inspection of my newly purchased home in Port Colborne. I want to thank you for your excellent services and was greatly impressed by your competence and the fairness the way you conducted the inspection of the property. I feel indebted as well to Tracey for her recommendation for her choice as Shawn Chesney Home to carry out this demanding job. Perhaps, I will be needing your help once I move to 37 South for any counsel if any maintenance is needed on the property. Once again my thanks and best wishes to you and your inspection team at Shawn Home.




Shawn did an inspection for us on a house in Welland Ontario, being our fifth house purchase I must say this inspection exceeded all the other inspections, and was the most comprehensive and detailed inspection we have ever received. Shawn’s 65 page inspection report blew my mind as it was the most remarkable report with very detailed and precise information, all accompanied with photos of the deficiencies. Shawn report not only covered any issues with the property but also contained advice and tips on remedying the problems. I would not hesitate to recommend Shawn to anyone who needs a house inspection!
David S.

Shawn helped to take away some of the anxiety and was informative. His explanations helped me understand what he was looking for and at. I would hire again.
Rob F.
Fort Erie

Shawn did a great job and we were happy with his work. Shawn found a few issues with the home that we were able to go back to the Seller and re-negotiate the price down even further in order to correct. Shawn Chesney Home Inspections was definitely a smart decision and it paid for itself and then some. l definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a house inspection.
Jim F.
Niagara Falls

Thank you very much for the recent professional service conducting thermal imaging of our house. It certainly provides peace of mind knowing that there was not significant heat loss around our windows. It was also very beneficial seeing how much energy was being lost through our access point to our partial attic. There’s no telling how much it has cost me without knowing it. Now with a 15 minute fix in insulating that door and our house will be much more energy efficient. We’ll probably save enough on future energy bills to more than pay for your services. Again, thank you for your professional and courteous service.
Leigh W,
Fort Erie

Shawn was very thorough in his inspection and identified even minor flaws. Greatly appreciated. Very fair price. Recommended. Great service
Josh S
Fort Erie

Thank you to Shawn for providing a last minute professional service! Would recommend to all my friends.
Jodi H.
St Catharines