Pre-Inspection Checklist

Pre-Inspection Checklist


My goal is to provide an efficient and thorough Home Inspection Service. Please
review this checklist carefully and ensure you have completed the following:

o You have read and understand the Inspection Agreement
o You have printed and signed the Inspection Agreement
o You have read and understand the Terms and Conditions, the Code of Ethics
and the Standards of Practice
o Access to the property has been arranged and confirmed with all applicable
parties: Real Estate Agent/Seller/Builder. Please refer to your Inspection
Agreement for more details.
o All available utilities are turned on and in working order, all pilot lights are lit
o All rooms and areas are obstruction free and fully accessible. Exterior
components such as above and below decks are cleared from snow and other
debris etc.
o Bathrooms and kitchen(s) have been cleaned and items have been stored away
from, around and/or under sink/s, bathtub/s, water heaters, furnaces,
electrical panel(s), attic(s) and crawl spaces
o Pet/s are confined or relocated off site during Inspection Service
o Newly constructed properties have Municipal Occupancy Certificate
o Property is in livable condition
o Property is not under construction or any major renovation
o Remote controls for property components and all keys for the property are
made available
o Any and all exterior obstructions are cleared prior to Inspection to allow access
to foundation window wells etc.
o Recommended attendance during the inspection should be limited to the Real
Estate Agent(s) and the Buyer(s) only. Children, family and friends should not
attend in order to prevent delays and/or interruptions.
o The Inspection fee is due on arrival and is payable by cash or cheque made
payable to Shawn Chesney. There is a $50 dollar fee for any items returned.

Additional Notes:

o Re-Inspection Fee due to any of the above items not being addressed is a
minimum charge of $150 with an hourly rate of $100 per hour.

o You must provide 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your

o Due to liability issues, Inspectors are prohibited from the following: moving or
clearing any item(s) or obstruction(s), lighting any pilot lights

o Components unable to be inspected due to any reason may be subject to a
re-inspection fee if required. eg seller did not remove obstructions from walls
or clear debris from any area.