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 Port Colborne (2011 population 18,424) is a city on Lake Erie, at the southern end of the Welland Canal, in the Niagara Region of southern Ontario, Canada. The original settlement, known as Gravelly Bay, dates from 1832 [4] and was renamed after Sir John Colborne, a British war hero and the Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada at the time of the opening of the (new) southern terminus of the First Welland Canal in 1833.

In pre-colonial times, the Neutral Indians lived in the area, due in part to the ready availability of flint and chert from outcroppings on the Onondaga Escarpment. This advantage was diminished by the introduction of firearms by European traders, and they were driven out by the Iroquois around 1650 as part of the Beaver Wars.

Originally called Gravelly Bay, after the shallow, bedrock-floored bay upon which it sits, the modern City of Port Colborne traces its roots back to the United Empire Loyalist settlements that grew up in the area following the American Revolution. Growth became focused around the southern terminus of the Welland Canal after it was extended to reach Lake Erie in 1833. As the population rose, Port Colborne was incorporated as a village in 1870, became a town in 1918, merged with the neighbouring Village of Humberstone in 1952, and was re-incorporated as a city in 1966. In 1970, Niagara Region municipal restructuring added Humberstone Township, further expanding the city.

Maritime commerce, including supplying goods to the camps for the labourers who worked on the first canal, ship repair and the provisioning trade, was, and still is, an important part of Port Colborne’s economy. Like other cities in the region, Port Colborne was a heavily industrial city throughout most of the early 20th century. A grain elevator, two modern flour mills, an INCO nickel refinery, a cement plant operated by Port Colborne Canada Cement, and a blast furnace operated by Algoma Steel were all major employers. However, several of these operations have closed over the past thirty years,[when?] while those companies that remain now employ significantly fewer residents due to modernization and cutbacks

In more recent years,[when?] Port Colborne has been successful attracting new industry, such as the agro-business operations of Casco Inc. and Jungbunzlauer, which process corn into products such as sweeteners and citric acid. However, the economy has gradually shifted towards tourism and recreation, taking advantage of the scenic beauty of the lakeshore.[citation needed]

Port Colborne was one of the hardest hit communities during the Blizzard of 1977. Thousands of people were stranded when the city was paralyzed during the storm, and the incident remains one of significance to the local population.



Port Colborne City Hall

66 Charlotte Street
Port Colborne, Ontario
L3K 3C8
Tel: 905-835-2900
Fax: 905-835-2969

Executive Assistant to the Mayor’s Office

Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 301
Fax: 905-835-2969


Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 306
Fax: 905-835-2969

Executive Assistant to the Chief Administrative Officer

Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 308
Fax: 905-835-2969


Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 104
Fax: 905-835-2969

Health & Safety Coordinator

Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 319
Fax: 905-835-2969


Manager, Special Projects & Corporate Strategic Initiatives

Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 309
Fax: 905-835-2969


Manager of Information Technology
Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 211

IT Analyst

Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 116


Fire Chief
Tel: 905-834-4512
Fax: 905-835-1020

Executive Assistant to the Fire Chief

Tel: 905-834-4512
Fax: 905-835-1020

Deputy Chief

Tel: 905-834-4512
Fax: 905-835-1020

Fire Prevention Officer

Tel: 905-834-4512
Fax: 905-835-1020

Director of Community & Corporate Services

Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 105
Fax: 905-834-5746

Executive Assistant to the Director of C&CS

Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 107
Fax: 905-834-5746

Manager of Revenue

 Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 101
Fax: 905-834-5746

Financial Analyst

Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 103
Fax: 905-834-5746

Capital Assets Co-Ordinator / Analyst

Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 117
Fax: 905-834-5746

Payroll Clerk

Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 114
Fax: 905-834-5746

Tax Clerk

Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 123
Fax: 905-834-5746

Accounts Payable

Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 120
Fax: 905-834-5746

Water Clerk

Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 125
Fax: 905-834-5746

Cashier Clerk

Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 127
Fax: 905-834-5746

City Clerk

Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 106
Fax: 905-834-5746

Records Clerk

Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 126
Fax: 905-834-5746

Licensing Clerk
Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 121
Fax: 905-834-5746

Accounts Receivable

Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 122
Fax: 905-834-5746

Market Clerk

Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 124


Tel: 905-835-2900


Manager of Community Services

Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 531
Fax: 905-834-2072

Administrative Assistant to the Manager

Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 532
Fax: 905-905-834-2072

Events Coordinator
Nickel Beach Supervisor

Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 533
Fax: 905-834-2072

Events Coordinator
Liaison to MYAC & SCAC

Tel:905-835-2900 ext. 534
Fax: 905-834-2072

Events & Seasonal Sports Coordinator
Vale Health & Wellness Centre

Tel:905-835-2900 ext. 535
Fax: 905-834-2072

Programmer and Volunteer Coordinator
Vale Health & Wellness Centre

Tel:905-835-2900 ext. 538
Fax: 905-834-2072

Community Partnership

Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 110
Fax: 905-834-5746

Box Office

Tel: 905-834-7572
Fax: 905-834-2072


Director of Planning & Development

Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 203
Fax: 905-835-2939

Planning Division
Community/Policy Planner

Tel: 905-835-2901 ext. 129
Fax: 905-835-2939


Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 202
Fax: 905-835-2939

Planning Technician/Clerk
Secretary to the Committee of Adjustment

Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 205
Fax: 905-835-2939


Chief Building Official

Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 201
Fax: 905-835-2939

Building/By-law Enforcement Clerk

Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 229
Fax: 905-835-2939

By-law Enforcement Division
Senior Municipal Law Enforcement Officer

Tel: 905-835-2901 ext. 210
Fax: 905-835-2939

Municipal Law Enforcement Officer

Tel: 905-835-2901 ext. 209
Fax: 905-835-2939

Parking Enforcement

Tel: 905-835-2901 ext. 208
Fax: 905-835-2939


Economic Development Officer

Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 502
Fax: 905-834-2939

Executive Assistant to EDO

Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 501
Fax: 905-834-2939


Director of Engineering & Operations

Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 222
Fax: 905-835-2939

Executive Assistant to the Director

Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 219
Fax: 905-835-2939

Manager of Projects & Design

Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 223
Fax: 905-835-2939

Manager of Engineering Services

Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 221
Fax: 905-835-2939


Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 224
Fax: 905-835-2939

Drainage Superintendent/Engineering Assistant

Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 213
Fax: 905-835-2939

Design Technologist

Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 220
Fax: 905-835-2939

CAD Operator II

Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 291
Fax: 905-835-2939

Construction Inspector
Tel: 905-835-2900 ext. 225
Fax: 905-835-2939

Environmental Compliance Supervisor

Tel: 905-835-5079 ext. 232
Fax: 905-835-6800



Tel: 905-835-5079
Fax: 905-835-6800