Garage Door Maintenance Tips – Make Doors Last Longer

Garage Door Maintenance Tips - Make Doors Last Longer

Garage Door Maintenance Tips – Make Doors Last Longer

Follow the following simple tips to help prolong and keep your garage door safe and worry free.

Lube Your Garage Door Springs or Replace Them Sooner Rather Than Later

Shawn Chesney Home Inspections recommends that you or a qualified door specialist coat the overhead torsion springs mounted above roller tracks with a garage door lubricant. All springs will eventually break because of metal fatigue and/or corrosion, but lubing them at least once a year will make them last longer. Spraying can be messy; it’s smart to protect the wall behind the spring with a piece of cardboard. Garage door lubricant is available at home centers. Lube the rollers, hinges and track while you’re at it

Check Garage Door Balance or Wreck Your Opener

A properly balanced door is less likely to injure someone or something and keeps the door opener from working too hard, which will shorten its life.

To check the balance on a door, close the door and then disengage the opener by pulling the opener release handle. Manually pull up the door about halfway and let go. A properly balanced door will stay in the halfway position by itself. If it falls, the tension needs to be increased. If the door rises, the door spring has too much tension, which means it’s working harder than it needs to.

Shawn Chesney Home Inspections recommends to check the door a couple times a year. Adjusting the spring tension is tricky and dangerous. Call a garage door professional to perform the service


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