Shawn Chesney Home Inspections is committed to providing the best Inspection Service and also the most efficient process possible. We appreciate how valuable all our time is and that there is never enough of it. We are looking to improve all our lives by asking you for your feedback on Home Inspections. Please feel free to add any comments, you do not need to register to do so and no personal information will be collected.
One of the things we do at SCHI is to sit with the Client, and set their expectations on the report, we explain red comments do not mean bad things, or that the number of photos or comments should not scare them, they are simply items to address which could be as simple as changing a light bulb.
What are some things you like and things you do not like?
 At SCHI, we schedule our inspections to begin on the outside, we ask to alert the home owner we will arrive at say 9am and will not need to have access till 10am. This provides the Real Estate Agents an option to arrive at 10am to provide access to the inside.
What are some things that would make the process a lot better for you?
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