Top Reasons to Recommend Shawn Chesney Home Inspections

 • Approved – Certified – Insured – Friendly – Honest – Integrity
 • Available 24/7/365 – we schedule to the client’s needs, not our own
 • Last Minute or Urgent Appointments Friendly – we do not overbook or stack our appointments which allows us to accommodate those last minute or urgent requests.
 • The sky is NOT falling – We discuss our reports and observations with the clients with an “all homes are worth buying” attitude. We do not operate with “the sky is falling” mentality.
 • Report Survival Guide – We prepare our clients for the report with a clear discussion on what to expect and how to properly read the report without being intimidated or scared off by the number of red comments or photos. We explain all red comments is simply a to do list which could mean monitor something, change a light bulb, put some caulking around a window.
 • “Flex Arrive” – We understand and appreciate how valuable your time is. We set our appointments and begin our Inspections on the exterior. This allows the Agent to opt to arrive an hour later to open up the property to allow us access to perform the interior portion of the Inspection. This can save you an hour’s time to do other tasks or simply earning you more money.
 • Pre-Listing Buddy – We offer 4-Point Inspections (HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical and Roof Systems) for new listings. Allowing you to have a better snap shot before setting listing price. How many times have you had to adjust a price or had a client walk away due to issues after a buyer’s Inspection? We can even provide you with photos for the listing while we are there.
 • Buy Your Home Back Guarantee – Yes, should we miss anything during the inspection,(following our SOP), your home will be bought back at full purchase price
 • $10,000.00 Honour guarantee
 • $10,000.00 Real Estate Agent Indemnification

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