‘Packing Away Your Summer Items’

As the leaves on the trees begin to change color, it’s a sign that fall is on the way. It’s also a reminder that the swimming pool toys, gardening tools and other items used in the summertime need to be put into storage. I recommend that when you start to pack these items away in the garage, you do it in a way that keeps them in good condition. Also, make sure they’re easy to find when summer comes around again. Take a look at a few easy storage ideas.

Ways to Store Summer Tools and More

An Extra Trash Can for Sports Equipment
If you have a large garbage can that you don’t need for trash, use it to store baseball bats, tennis rackets and field hockey sticks. Storing them in a garbage can helps to keep them dry and prevents them from getting underfoot. Once the garbage can is full, slide it into one corner of the garage so it will be out of the way.

A Net Bag for Basketballs and More
Baseballs, softballs and basketballs can go into a net bag for the fall and winter. These bags close in a secure way preventing any balls from rolling out onto the garage floor. Also, you can store the bag by hanging it up on a large hook on a garage wall. When the warm weather returns, you can take the entire bag down from the wall and spray the bag to remove dirt from the balls.

A Storage Cabinet for Garden Tools and Accessories
Today, there are several types of plastic storage cabinets available. Depending on how many tools you have, you can go with one that has three drawers or opt for one with several drawers. A plastic storage cabinet is an ideal place to store small gardening tools and accessories. Gardening forks, spades, gloves, seed packets and clay pots are just a few of the items that can be put into this cabinet. A cabinet like this will protect small tools from damage and keeps mice away from your gardening gloves.

Pool Toys in Plastic Containers
If you have a few plastic tubs with lids, I suggest you use them to house your pool toys. Distribute deflated inner tubes, swimmies and rafts into a couple of the tubs. Another tub can be a home for swim goggles, swim fins, snorkels, etc. If you have storage space above the garage door, this is the perfect place for these lightweight tubs.

Putting Away the Garden Hose
Finally, it’s important to unhook a garden hose from an outdoor spigot so it won’t freeze and break. There are a few ways to store a garden hose in a garage. For instance, you can put a coiled hose into an old metal washtub. Or, you can create your own storage method by attaching a bucket to the wall of your garage and hanging your coiled hose on it. Some people even put their garden hose in a decorative clay pot with a lid. Any of these storage ideas will keep your garden hose in good condition over the winter.